Testing out NEW Essence makeup brushes

Hello everyone! Last week I stumbled upon these new makeup brushes from Essence. I have used and loved a lot of Essence products in the past, so of course I was very excited when I saw that they came out with this beautiful set of makeup brushes! I absolutely love the combination of the white, rose gold and grey. I bought these brushes on the website of Kruidvat and they all cost me € 3.59 (bargain!).


Left to right: bronzer brush | flat contouring brush | flat powder brush | make up buffer brush

I tried all of these brushes out the other day and they all seem to feel quite flimsy, but not to the point that you can’t work with them. I didn’t experience any shedding of the brush hairs, but I did have a little issue with the make up buffer brush. It seemed fine at first, but there were a few hairs sticking out of the brush that weren’t as soft as the other ones and they hurt a bit. I also wasn’t that impressed with the flat powder brush as it seemed to take off my foundation rather than applying powder on top of it. The flat contouring brush was fine, but like I said: quite flimsy. But my favorite brush out of all of them was the bronzer brush! Sure, it isn’t the softest brush I have ever felt, but it does the job well and I was missing a bronzer brush in my collection. So if I would recommend any of these it would be the bronzer brush!

IMG_2837 transparant

Have you tried any of these brushes out yet? Let me know in the comments!



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