Things you HAVE to do/see in Ubud, Bali

It has been quite a while now, but in September 2016 my friends and I went to Bali for about ten days. We stayed a few days in Ubud and a few in Sanur (+ a day trip to Kuta). Today I wanted to share my favorite things we did and saw in Ubud. This town is located somewhat in the center of the island and is an absolute must to visit when you’re in Bali! We stayed in a hotel named Kori Ubud, which I highly recommend! Here are some pictures of our room and our view from of the room:



Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

After a long walk (with a couple of breaks), we arrived at the monkey forest. It was very easy to find and relatively cheap to get in. One tip though, make sure you put your money at the bottom of your bag after entering the forest and don’t walk around with valueable things, because those monkeys will try to take it away from you. Other than that it really was a memorable experience for us and thus another recommendation of mine!



Campuhan Ridge Walk

On one of the rainier days, we did the Campuhan Ridge Walk, which is a walk through the rice fields. The main road where we came from had a couple of signs leading to the fields, so it was fairly easy to find. Other than the few people who were working over there, we saw almost no one else so it’s definitely a place where you can find some peace and quiet.


Amidst the rice fields we found this cute little place called Sweet Orange. Here we ate the best nasi and bami goreng, so if you happen to walk by this place, make sure you hop in for some delicious food!



Saraswati Temple

This is another place you have to see (and take a lot of pictures of and with)! We didn’t enter the temple, because it was closed for some unknown reason, but if you get the chance to have a look inside, definitely take it because it looked beautiful from what we could see! Don’t forget to bring a sarong to tie around your waist though.


Live Balinese Dance Performance

And last but not least… One night we had dinner at Rondji and the waiter told us there was a live dance perfomance about to happen at the restaurant. The food was amazing (another recommendation!) as well as the dance performance! It was such a unique experience and absolutely a must-see on your trip to Ubud!



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