Review | Makeup Revolution Soph X eyeshadow palette (+ SWATCHES)

Hello everyone! Not too long ago I purchased the Makeup Revolution Soph X eyeshadow palette which – as most of you know by now – was a collaboration with Sophie from sophdoesnails on Youtube. This is a vegan and cruelty free eyeshadow palette, contains 14 matte and 10 shimmery shades and retails at € 10.95 on Boozyshop (Belgium & The Netherlands only, link here). But of course it’s also available on the Revolution Beauty website for € 11.99/£ 10/$ 15 (link here) for my lovely readers that live outside of those two countries!


24 beautiful and versatile shades: 14 mattes & 10 shimmers

After I did some playing around with all of the amazing colors, I decided to share my thoughts on each and every single one of the 24 shades! I will discuss column by column simply because it’s easier for me to swatch and talk about four shades at a time. The shades that are labeled with a tiny love heart (♥) are my personal favorites, so if you’re interested in seeing how this palette performs, just keep on reading!

First column


Left to right: Penguin | Grow Old | Cloudberry | Strawberry Sweets

Penguin (matte): Considering this is a white eyeshadow, I’m very impressed with the pigmentation of it! It feels very soft, but might look a bit chalky. I didn’t experience any fallout with it though, so that’s definitely a good thing!

Grow Old (shimmer) ♥: This gorgeous warm gold shimmery shade is definitely one of my favorites in this palette! The formula is soft, buttery and so pigmented! But I have to say there can be a bit of fallout with this particular formula, so you might have to be a little more careful with some of the other shimmers as well.

Cloudberry (matte) ♥: In the pan this shade looks like a warm yellow, but when I swatched it, it translated more as a light and bright orange. Nevertheless, I’m completely in love with this shade and with the formula of it! This eyeshadow feels extremely soft, but it’s definitely less chalky than Penguin.

Strawberry Sweets (matte) ♥: This bright pink eyeshadow is another one I’m obsessed with! It’s surely not for everyone since it’s such a bright color, but this one can easily be incorporated in a more wearable eye makeup look! Strawberry Sweets has exactly the same formula as Cloudberry, so I also have no complaints about this one!

Second column


Left to right: Pancakes | Sparks Fly | Pumpkin | Festive Flame

Pancakes (matte): As you can see, the first shade from the second column that I swatched on my skin didn’t show up at all, which honestly is such a shame. I tried to go over it a couple of times, but nothing seemed to change..

Sparks Fly (shimmer) ♥: This shade looks very similar to Grow Old, but this one seems a little more on the cool side rather than a warm gold. I love this one just as much as Grow Old, but again, be careful for the potential fallout!

Pumpkin (matte) ♥: Can we just talk about how cute the shade names are in this palette? This orangy red matte shade is so pigmented and buttery – just like Cloudberry and Strawberry Sweets, I just love it!

Festive Flame (shimmer): I honestly don’t know what to think about this shade. It’s not as shimmery and smooth as the other shimmery ones, but nonetheless it’s still nice.

Third column


Left to right: Fairy Lights | Smokey Bronze | Pine Tree | Copper Coin

Fairy Lights (shimmer): This is another one of the very buttery and pigmented shimmers of this palette. This particular shade looks amazing in the inner corner as well as on the actual eyelid. It’s not my favorite simply because I personally don’t like white shimmery eyeshadows on my eyelid, but if that’s something you do like than this shade will be perfect for you!

Smokey Bronze (shimmer) ♥: We have arrived at another favorite shade of mine, a dark bronze shimmer. I didn’t experience as much fallout with this one, so I don’t know what they did different with this shade, but the formula is still as soft, buttery and pigmented as the other shimmery shades!

Pine Tree (shimmer) ♥: This is probably the craziest and most intriguing shade of the whole palette, but again, this one can cause some fallout. It might just be because of the shade name, but this one reminds me so much of the Christmas holidays, that I just can’t wait until it’s December again and I can start rocking this at some parties!

Copper Coin (shimmer): If you like warm and coppery tones, but don’t like too much of a shimmer, you’ll like this one! It’s a shimmery eyeshadow, but it’s definitely a lot more toned down than some of the other ones in this palette like Grow Old, Sparks Fly, Pine Tree …

Fourth column


Left to right: Pink Champagne | Mixed Berries | Petrol | Mug Cake

Pink Champagne (shimmer): Just like Fairy Lights, Pink Champagne is a buttery and pigmented shimmery shade, but it can cause some fallout. I’m not that crazy about this particular shade, but the formula is great and if you happen to like light shimmery pink eyeshadows, then this might be something for you!

Mixed Berries (shimmer) ♥: This is another one of the more toned down shimmers. It’s a very smooth and pigmented warm toned purple with a subtle sheen to it. This shade definitely looks a lot darker in the pan than it does on my hand and eyes, but I still love it so much!

Petrol (shimmer): It seems like this is the only duochrome shimmery eyeshadow that’s in this palette. In the pan it looks like a muted dark blue shimmery shade, but when you swatch it or put it on your eyelid, it has pink/purple reflects to it! The formula and pigmentation are the same as the other shimmery shades, but I didn’t experience any fallout with this one.

Mug Cake (matte): This palette contains two dark brown matte shades, one that’s warm toned and another one that’s cool toned. This one called Mug Cake is the warm toned brown. It has the same (great) formula and pigmentation as Cloudberry, Strawberry Fields and Pumpkin, so naturally it’s just as amazing!

Fifth column


Left to right: Iced Coffee | Tiramisu | Pug | Rosewood

Iced Coffee (matte): So this round of swatches is not going to be a good one. The first shade I swatched on my hand is barely noticable and pretty much disappears into nothing when I blend it out a little further. It feels just as nice as the other matte shades, but I don’t understand why it doesn’t seem to be as pigmented as the other ones. Maybe the shade matches my skin tone a little bit too much, but overall I’m just not that impressed with it.

Tiramisu (matte) ♥: Here is another one of my favorites! This is such a beautiful mauve matte eyeshadow and I have been obsessing over ever since I got this palette! It’s smooth and soft, blends out great and the pigmentation is amazing!

Pug (matte): As much as I like the cute shade name, this sadly is another one with bad pigmentation.. Again, this is such a soft eyeshadow, but this one also seems to blend into nothing when I try to use it on my eyes.

Rosewood (matte): This is the cool toned brown I was talking about earlier. This shade is okay, but I’m also not blow away with the pigmentation of it. It’s not as bad as Iced Coffee and Pug and I can make it work, but I did expect a bit more from it.

Sixth column


Left to right: Cuppa Tea | Peaches | Danger | Nightmare

Cuppa Tea (matte) ♥: Okay, this has to be my favorite formula of the whole palette! For some reason this matte shade feels a lot more buttery compared to the other ones and the pigmentation is incredible!

Peaches (matte) ♥: Another one of my favorites is this dark peachy pink matte shade. This one and Tiramisu are my favorite crease or all over the lid shades to wear on an every day basis. The pigmentation is just as great as the other matte shades I’ve raved about in this blog post and the formula is also just as good!

Danger (matte): This is a darker, more cool toned red in comparison to Pumpkin. I do prefer the pigmentation of Pumpkin, but I still like this one as well!

Nightmare (matte): And last but not least there is also a somewhat blue toned black eyeshadow included in this palette. The pigmentation and formula are good, but what I like the most about it is that this shade isn’t too pigmented (because nobody wants to risk looking like a panda when using black eyeshadow, am I right?).

Overall I’m more impressed with the shimmery shades than with the matte ones. Some of the matte shades really disappointed me, like Pancakes, Iced Coffee, Pug and Rosewood. Also, you should be careful when you’re using the shimmers Grow Old, Sparks Fly, Pine Tree and Pink Champagne as they can cause some fallout. But I have to say I’m very impressed with this eyeshadow palette considering it cost me less than € 11!

Have you tried this eyeshadow palette out yet? If so, what are your favorite shades?



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